Private Lesson Prices

At Monster Music Lessons we strive to offer the best quality for the best price. Below are our standard prices.

30: One 30-minute private lesson per week is $30.00. We highly recommend young students begin with 30 minutes a week and increase their lesson time as they advance.

45: One 45-minute private lesson per week is $45.00. This is a great lesson time for someone who is advancing from a 30 minute lesson but is not yet ready for an hour. This lesson can also be divided between two instruments (for example piano and voice) if the instructor a student has selected can teach both.

60: One 60-minute private lesson per week is $60.00. The 60 minutes can be taken all at once for a more advanced student, or it could be broken up into two separate 30-minute lessons for a family with two students, or for someone who simply prefers to have their lessons more frequently.


Payment Options and Payment Policy

Payment Options: We are very accommodating when it comes to the payment of your lessons. We accept Cash, Personal Check, Visa, Master Card and Discover. We also offer auto-payment options for those who would like the convenience of never having to remember to make payments. We prefer that all lessons be paid for on a monthly basis, but we do allow for students to pay week-to-week.

Payment Policy: When you are past due for the previous month, payment must be made before or by the 15th of the current month in order to keep your spot. (i.e. If September is past due, you must pay by Oct. 15th or we will no longer be able to keep your student on schedule). Your payments pay your teachers and keep our doors open.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you have a conflict with your usual lesson time and are unable to make it, you may cancel or reschedule your lesson.  We have a very flexible and generous cancellation policy:

  • YOU MUST EMAIL IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A GOOD CANCELLATION.  Please DO NOT cancel with your teacher.  You must cancel with the front desk staff by email  AT LEAST 30-minutes before we close the office the day before your lesson. So for M-F when we close at 8pm you must cancel by by 7:30pm and for Sat-Sun when we close at 4pm you must cancel by 3:30pm
  • If you cancel on time, it will be counted as a “Good Cancel” so you will not be held responsible for payment and you will have the option to do a make-up during that week.
  • However, if you do NOT cancel by 7:30pm (M-F) or 3:30pm (Sat-Sun), it will be counted as a “Late Cancel” and you will be held responsible for the payment of that lesson as we have already committed to paying the teacher(s) for that lesson. Also – if you cancel with your teacher, you run the risk of the front desk staff not being notified, and therefore, you will also still be held responsible for the payment of that lesson.
  • The ONLY exception to our cancellation policy is if there is a legitimate medical emergency. Common bouts of the cold and flu do not count as medical emergencies.

Termination of Lessons

  • Should a student wish to terminate his or her lessons, Monster Music Lessons Front Desk Staff must be FORMALLY informed.  It must be very clear and explicit that the student wishes to discontinue any and all further lessons. All outstanding balances must be paid in full.
  • Monster Music Lessons reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, overdue tuition payments or parental non-compliance with policies and procedures listed here.
  • Excessive cancellation on the part of the student will result in that student being pulled off our schedule and all lessons being discontinued.

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