Teacher Of The Month Savannah Doster


Savannah Doster is a singer and stage performer from Northwest Ohio.  She discovered her love of theater and performance at a young age, performing on stage for the first time at the age of eight.  She has performed in many theaters throughout Ohio and Michigan, as well as with the Bowling Green State University Women’s Choir.  Skilled in stage performance and singing, she has achieved a wide range of stage and community theater experience, and has also been a member of the theater board for The Fountain City Festival in Bryan, Ohio.  She has also performed as the opening set for guitarist Dakota Dave Hull in the Carnegie Concert Series and has recorded with the folk band California Melody Revival.

Article on Monster Music Teachers at the NAMM Show!

Two of our teachers, bassist/pianist Andreas Farmakalidis and American Idol finalist Alexis Stone Lopez, were highlighted in Bass Musician Magazine at last  year’s NAMM convention. The article gives a great intro to both Andreas and Alexis as musicians and features a few great snapshots from the time they spent jamming and singing at the Floyd Rose/Brubaker Bass Booth. Check out this article and pass it along to your friends! CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE  or copy and paste the link below into your browser.


Monster Music Student Takes the Stage!


Our own Amanda Macias auditioned repeatedly and can formally announce that she has gotten then part of Jazz in the stage play “Let’s Rock” to be performed at Shepard of the Hills opening May 2013. Amanda is taking lessons with Hannah Ferber who has her Bachelor of Music in voice from Berklee College of Music! Exciting!

Tips for Stage Fright!

Have you ever backed out of a performance because you thought you couldn’t get over your stage fright? Or have you ever been in the middle of a song and forgotten the lyrics halfway through because you got so nervous with all those people staring up at you? All performers have felt that way at one time or another, and even the most famous, experienced performers still suffer from stage fright! Stage fright in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the key is to find out how to USE all that nervous energy to your advantage. Well, one of our star teachers, Andreas Farmakalidis published an article on this VERY subject!

You can read it now by clicking on this link: STAGE FRIGHT: PART ONE


(if that link does not work, copy and paste this into your browser: http://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2013/03/overcoming-stage-fright-part-1-by-andreas-farmakalidis/)

Monster Music Student is On a Roll!

One of our very own Monster Students, Jaki (piano, vocals, writing, recording), has just been booking acting gigs like mad! Just last week she did a student thesis film at USC, and now this week she booked a part in the opening theme for a Sundance pilot! She is going out on auditions almost every day, putting her acting chops to the test! If things keep going like this, we just know she’s gonna take off!

Jaki can attest to the confidence she has gained while here at Monster Music Lessons; not only confidence that if she goes out for any role that requires musical ability that she will be able to hold her own, but also the confidence that has been developed through our student performances! She knows that the skills and experiences that come directly from Monster Music Lessons gives her that edge over her competitors and is the key to succeeding in this fierce industry!

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