“Talented and Knowledgeable…Encouraging and Supportive”

“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the lesson I had yesterday evening. Monica is a real sweetheart who also happens to be very talented and knowlegeable. She corrected, when necessary, without being harsh or accusatory. She was encourageing and supportive. And (this is meaningful to me personally), when I hit the wrong note, she gave me a moment to adjust and then verified that I had gotten it right. The tips, tricks and homework she gave me to accomplish my goal of improving my technical abilities were just the thing I needed.”

-Susie, Adult Violin Student, on Monica Crusoe, Strings and Piano Teacher.

“His Patience Knows No End”

Matt is a wonderful Piano instructor. His patience knows no end. He spends the entire class focused on the lesson, he does not stop in the middle just to text. He is never late, and when he is not going to be at a future lesson (i.e. he is performing somewhere) he tells my family and I 1-2 weeks ahead of time so that we may have a chance to reschedule. He is also very knowledgeable at what he does, and knows how to explain things to people of all ages.

-Eddy, teen piano student, on his Piano Teacher Matt Bagasao

“Makes Music Fun”

“Steve is a wonderful teacher. My son Andre has been taking lessons for a year and a half and he is very happy. Andre says “Steve makes it fun to learn a song”.

-Alenoosh and her son Andre, a student of Steve Bauman, Piano Teacher

“Always Enthusiastic”

Alexis is a great piano instructor; she is always enthusiastic and makes it fun to learn.

-Nina, Beginning Piano Student, on Alexis Lopez, Piano/Voice/Guitar Teacher

“I can be myself around her”

“I feel like my singing coach Alexis is wonderful. She knows what she is doing, and she wants to help each one of her students pull through into becoming a better singer. When I first started I was very shy, but now im very comfortable with her. And I feel like I can be myself around her. Alexis is definitely a keeper.”

-Shanelle, Voice Student, on Alexis Lopez, Piano/Voice/Guitar



“She Never Gives Up on Me”

“My singing teacher is a great singer, she has such a pretty voice. But she is also a great teacher; she is fantastic! She is always helping me improve. Every time I do something wrong, she never gives up on me. She is a really awesome teacher; she will always be special to me and I’ll never forget her.”

-Jazmine, 11 years old, on her Vocal Coach and Piano Teacher

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