Providing Music Lessons in Northridge, CA- The Heart of the San Fernando Valley…

At Monster Music Lessons every one of our teachers is a performing professional who possesses the passion that will ignite your student’s interest and commitment to learn, rehearse and perform music.

Monster Music Lessons are built around the desire of the student. What is it that you or your child would like to learn? By wrapping a well-balanced curriculum into what is of interest to a child, teen or adult, our teachers incorporate music theory and ear training through innovative approaches that use technology, games and rhythm exercises.

Join us at our beautiful facility next to Guitar Center in Northridge. Watch for exciting workshops with well-known performers and vocal coaches. Go into the Jam Room and warm up so your lesson will be the most productive experience ever. See how well you’re doing after six weeks and when the next six weeks have passed, sign up for the thrill of a lifetime as you perform for your family and friends. There’s nothing like it and nothing promotes practice like knowing that you too will step upon the stage, because here at Monster Music Lessons our stars become Superstars!

Here at Monster Music Lessons, we believe that performing is one of the most essential ingredients in becoming a great musician. Not only does it challenge the students to work well in a group, but it also motivates them to improve on their own because they know they will be showing off their skills for friends, family, and industry professionals on a frequent basis.

Our program is unique in that our students have the opportunity to participate in a recital every 3 months, and our Bands perform on average every 2-4 months. We host variety shows and Monster Band Showcases as well as performances at community events that request our appearance. This keeps things fresh for our students so that they have new goals more often than if they only had to recital or perform once year, which means that they are progressing more rapidly than many of their peers who might be involved in other music programs.

Join Monster Music Lessons today and embark on a performance journey like nothing you have ever seen before! Sign up for The Rock Shop: Band Program at the Monster Music Playhouse and/or our Junior Orchestra Programtoday!