Monster Music Student is On a Roll!

One of our very own Monster Students, Jaki (piano, vocals, writing, recording), has just been booking acting gigs like mad! Just last week she did a student thesis film at USC, and now this week she booked a part in the opening theme for a Sundance pilot! She is going out on auditions almost every day, putting her acting chops to the test! If things keep going like this, we just know she’s gonna take off!

Jaki can attest to the confidence she has gained while here at Monster Music Lessons; not only confidence that if she goes out for any role that requires musical ability that she will be able to hold her own, but also the confidence that has been developed through our student performances! She knows that the skills and experiences that come directly from Monster Music Lessons gives her that edge over her competitors and is the key to succeeding in this fierce industry!