International chart-topping voice teacher starts vocal group at Monster Music Lessons!

Do you love to sing? Do you crave the stage? Are you ready for a challenge that will sharpen your live performance skills? Well, it might just be your lucky day! New vocal teacher Alex Economou, who has topped the charts on CD Baby (Cyprus), joins the Monster Music family with the intention of creating exciting new vocal groups!  Everyone is welcome! Young and old, beginner and seasoned professionals are all welcome to join in the fun! This is a rare opportunity to meet fellow singers, collaborate, learn, grow and discover! Don’t miss out! The first round of auditions will be held during the week of October 1st. (Exact dates to TBD). Please contact our office for more information! 818-993-3660 or

In preparation for your audition we suggest the following:

1. Choose a song or portion of a song you are comfortable with and that best showcases your voice.

2. Either provide a karaoke track to sing along to, or send the title of the song, who it is by,  and the key you sing it in so our accompanist can play it on the day of your audition.

3. Be prepared to be tested in  harmonies, (such as singing a basic major scale a third above or a third below another singer).

4. Bring room temperature water, NOT COLD!

5. Relax and enjoy! The most important thing is to put your best foot forward.


Good Luck! 🙂