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“I can’t believe my ears! My daughter Sarah has been taking piano lessons from Antonio for 8 months. When she started she was absolutely clueless about music. With weekly lessons from the most patient, professional, and encouraging musician (Antonio) she is reading and playing music! It is a true joy to hear her and watch her full of pride as she shares the beauty with anyone who will listen! Thank you for teaching her the amazing gift of music. ”
-A Very Proud Mom



Jay Vincent is an award winning, USC-educated composer, performer and educator.  He has composed music for the #1 kids’ television series “LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu,” Morgan Freeman’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 Golden Globes, and became one of the youngest composers to receive a BMI Film & TV Award.  Jay is also part of the Star Wars universe, having composed music for the new “LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles” on Cartoon Network.  A longtime collaborator with EA Games, his music can be heard as the top selling track on EA’s “Dragon Age 2: Epic Times” video game soundtrack, and in many award-winning trailers including “Battlefield “4,” Mass Effect 3,” “Command & Conquer,” “Dragon Age 2″ and the upcoming “Dragon Age: Inquisition.”  As an avid teacher and educator of the next generation of musicians, Jay has been passing along his extensive knowledge of many instruments and styles since the age of 14, and continues to do so 14 years later.The worldwide phenomenon of “Ninjago” has given him the privilege of presenting rich and intelligent music to a new generation of children, in the spirit of the classical masterpieces in Chuck Jones’ “Looney Tunes.”  In a time where musical themes are losing popularity, “Ninjago” fans in 40 countries are treated every week to memorable melodies played by unique instruments from around the world.  As a vocalist and instrumentalist he has brought Haydn to life with the Vienna Philharmonic, sung for Pope Benedict’s 80th Birthday at the Vatican and toured the islands of Japan.  As a listener, his diverse and meticulous study of sound, story and history has yielded an arsenal of abilities that make even the most challenging project possible.  This passion for musical history, diversity and intense study always comes out in his teaching; every lesson with every student becomes both a trip to the past and a new venture into the future.Educated at USC in Composition and Cinematic Arts with a graduate degree in Film Scoring, Jay’s knowledge of music and art across multiple disciplines comes out in his multifaceted teaching style.  As and undergraduate he had the privilege of studying composition—particularly for voices—under world renowned choral composer Morten Lauridsen.  He also was fortunate enough to sing under LA Master Chorale music director Paul Salamunovich for a year in the USC Chamber Choir.  Maestro Salamunovich’s wealth of stories about Luciano Pavarotti, Zubin Mehta and Marilyn Horne provided a firsthand look into the history of world-class music making, a knowledge Jay is relentless about passing on to his students.Jay loves teaching largely because of the many great teachers he was lucky to have.  Their passion and genius was infectious, and it comes out every day in the music he writes, plays and sings.  And he insists on carrying that torch and passing it to the next person who walks through the door of the lesson room!