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What people are saying:

“I can’t believe my ears! My daughter Sarah has been taking piano lessons from Antonio for 8 months. When she started she was absolutely clueless about music. With weekly lessons from the most patient, professional, and encouraging musician (Antonio) she is reading and playing music! It is a true joy to hear her and watch her full of pride as she shares the beauty with anyone who will listen! Thank you for teaching her the amazing gift of music. ”
-A Very Proud Mom


Pop and R&B Vocal Teacher

Andre Mieux


Click here to see a video of Andre performing!

Andre Mieux (A.M.X.) is a multi-talented singer/pianist/songwriter/producer from Los Angeles, CA with many years of experience performing and teaching, starting at the age of 5. Andre has had scholarships to Cal arts, Long beach State, and Cal State Fullerton, and is now a graduating candidate, with one class remaining at the University of Phoenix. Aside from his academic career, he has been under the instruction of Dr. Marge Chen for the last 13 years for classical piano, and has also had the privilege of taking Master classes with the world renown concert pianist Andre Watts.
Andre grew up in a very musical family, with extended relatives who were a part of the Philharmonic(s), Fox TV, and several other major placements in music production and film.  As early as the age of 8, Andre lit the spark of what he would one day call his career. Andre started writing, dancing and singing for a small group called Eagle Wings through his local church.  By age 12, Andre had begun producing music with a friend, Grammy winning former member of the Yellowjackets, Ricky Lawson, who turned out to be one of his greatest connections to the music industry.

From there, Andre has been a part of a wide range of projects throughout his career from classical pianist to scoring several feature films. In addition, his song Let Me Be The One became a hit once picked up by the Korean group SS501. He also has worked with Showtime Television on Stunt Divas and Sid Burston Productions on Get Thee Behind Me. He was a member of Trilogy Productions, whose team was responsible for placements on such projects as Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Akon, Jill Scott, Varsity FanClub, T-Boz, Keith Sweat, Dave Hollister, Bobby Valentino, Nick Lachey, 112, and DREAM. Andre was also previously signed as an artist to Universal Music.

Over the years Andre has gained  many valuable experiences and rare knowledge which he wants to share with students no matter what age, level, or goals they may have.