Northridge Vocal & Instrumental Music Lessons

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Welcome to Monster Music Lessons!
Are you searching for voice or piano lessons? Is your child thinking about joining the school band and with their sights set on sitting first chair? Or maybe you’ve decided it’s just finally time to dust off your violin or saxophone and renew your commitment to yourself and music.
Dedicating your time and thoughts to the expression of music provides many benefits. Playing music is a great stress reducer, and becoming a musician or singer is a life choice that can inspire joy and laughter in both the student and their family and friends.
We provide vocal coaching and music lessons for a wide variety of instruments for people of all ages, levels, interests and walks of life. Whether you are 6 or 80 years old, whether you’re in the high school marching band or you’ve never touched an instrument, whether you’re a heavy metal rocker or an opera enthusiast… we have something for you!
We teach students from Northridge, San Fernando Valley, Porter Valley, Chatsworth and many other surrounding towns. Give us a call today for more information!

Music lessons in Northridge California